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Author Philippe D'astous

If your goal is to supplement retirement income, a reverse mortgage could provide the key to unlock the equity in your home. Ideal for homes appraised higher than the HECM loan limit, homeowners age 55 and older can potentially access hundreds of thousands of dollars more of their equity than the FHA HECM loan currently offers.


Get the Most out of Your Equity


Contact us today an we’ll provide a no-obligation estimate to help determine if a reverse mortgage is the right answer for you. Maximize your equity – maximize your financial piece of mind.


Unlock the Equity in Your Home.

Never Make a Payment Again.


If you’re age 55 or older, you can potentially finance loan amounts up to $4 million and access even more of your home equity.


Compared to a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), a reverse mortgage offers these great advantages:

Loan amounts up to $4 million, significantly higher than a HECM allows

No mortgage insurance premium

Borrowers have the option to receive their proceeds as a LOC, lump sum OR a LOC, combination cash at close

Condominiums appraised at $500,000 or more do not require FHA approval

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HELOC Adjustable Product and HELOAN

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans Now Available



Get long-term fixed-rate seconds or interest only payments on the variable rate HELOC
Borrowers can get cash out or consolidate debt without refinancing


-Loan amounts of $50K to $500K
-15 year and 30 year closed-end seconds
-97% CLTV available on standalones (call for details)
-97% CLTV concurrent close (call for details)
-Rate & Term to 95% combo
-No reserves needed
-45% Max DTI
-Use prior appraisal up to 12 months old
-Exterior-only appraisal up to $250K loan amount
-7 years seasoning on Foreclosure
-4 years seasoning on BK/Short Sale/Modification
-Primary and Second Homes only (Fixed Rate only available on investment properties)
-No title insurance required on loan amounts under $250,000

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