HELOC Adjustable Product and HELOAN

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans Now Available



Get long-term fixed-rate seconds or interest only payments on the variable rate HELOC
Borrowers can get cash out or consolidate debt without refinancing


-Loan amounts of $50K to $500K
-15 year and 30 year closed-end seconds
-97% CLTV available on standalones (call for details)
-97% CLTV concurrent close (call for details)
-Rate & Term to 95% combo
-No reserves needed
-45% Max DTI
-Use prior appraisal up to 12 months old
-Exterior-only appraisal up to $250K loan amount
-7 years seasoning on Foreclosure
-4 years seasoning on BK/Short Sale/Modification
-Primary and Second Homes only (Fixed Rate only available on investment properties)
-No title insurance required on loan amounts under $250,000